SME has a new initative to facilitate an ongoing Forum of other Societies, Associations and Organizations to plan the recovery of our declining Maufacturing sectors in Ontario and Canda.


We have a seperate Website focused on this Important Initative at  www.SME-TBM.ORG  

What is TBM?


The ultimate goal of Take Back Manufacturing is to get government, educators and industry leadership to start working closer together to plan the recovery of
the declining manufacturing sectors in Ontario.


SME Toronto has provided leadership for the TBM initiative, as we believe all
Ontarians need to understand and support the recovery of a broad manufacturing
industry base to provide a more robust platform for sustained innovation and
best in class practices, and that without such a base we will not be able to
support our economy in a competitive manner into the future.


We have formed an active TBM forum of a broad representation of Canadian technical societies, management associations, trade organizations and educational stakeholders.


We urge everyone to work closer together to plan the recovery of our declining manufacturing sectors in Ontario.


Let us explain how we are rapidly losing our prosperity via the decline in this important part of our economy, and what must be done to improve the Canadian business environment, focus and approach to better position us for success within the manufacturing sectors.


More at  www.SME-TBM.ORG

Where are we?

SME Toronto

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Secretary & Past Chair: Nigel Southway

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Treasurer & Chair elect: John Quarterly



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WWW.SME-TBM.ORG for more on our TBM Activity.